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Stars Without Number - Initiative card macros

Is there a macro that will draw from an initiative card deck instead of rolling for initiative?  Basically, I'd like to use initiative cards instead of rolls to determine combat order.  The way I'd like it to work is:  When initiative is needed, each player gets 1 card + extra cards based dexterity modifier.  Players choose 1 card to play which solidifies their turn order.  Once the turn is resolved, used initiative cards are discarded and 1 card is dealt each turn until combat is resolved. I like the additional strategy that initiative cards bring to the table within a Stars Without Number setting.  
There should be a way to do this, im not skilled enough with cards to answer you but for the moment i can provide you with this : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> You can find a lot of information on how cards and rollable tables work together.