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Rollable Tables - Token with condition/status and Player token


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for games like Arkham Horror, where Monster info are usually in the back of the token, this feature works good, since we can "choose side" that reveals additional information about the token. But arkham Horror, has cards that upgrades or downgrades some monsters, and if we can add the status to the rollable token, just like we add status on players token (that heart broken, skull, red dot, and so on) it will be nice And if rollable token works just as cards (Take card, flip card) it will be perfect!!! It will solve all my problems during a game session!!!! besides, Rollabe Tokens are so freaking good, that player's token should use it too, for games like superheroes when u have a token for clark kent, and u rollable it for The superman token ;)
+1 for rollable table working as cards!  it will be a nice feature take a token that has multi-sided faces xD
Just started playing with the rollable tokens but quickly realized they don't have all the features of regular ones. Also annoying how the example shown in <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> has the statuses.
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Roll20 Team
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