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no free mobile roll20

Last week roll20 woeked perfectly on my phone and nownit says i need to upgrade-what the heck? A simple heads up would have been decent...
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Are you referring to browser access of the VTT from a mobile device, or to the native app?
Access to the VTT has been a Plus membership thing for a while now, like almost 2 years if not more.  It may have been a glitch if you had access, a glitch in your favor! The app thing,  I am not sure about. but that just let's you see character journals.

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I'm fairly sure I remember reading somewhere if the GM is a Plus or Pro member then the players in their campaign can access via mobile regardles of the player's membership status.
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Phone support has never been an official feature but just a side effect of the tablets and phones share similar OSes. If you were the creator of the game then it might have been a glitch but if you were just a player then the creator might have let his subscription lapse. What features the subscriptions have:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Wiki page on tablet support:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Wiki page quoted How do I activate Mobile "Table on Tablet" Support? If you are a subscriber, it should "just work" when you visit the site via tablet. Do be advised that it is optimized for tablet, not phones, and we have no plans to attempt phone support.
Hi&nbsp; Lotus Half-Step - since our community has helped clear that up, I will close this thread.&nbsp;