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Art library infinitely searching

Sheet Author
API Scripter
Anyone one else having an issue of the art library today showing no results? I get: Looking in built-in items... Looking on the web... and no results at all.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Before we dive into the guts of the issue, we're going to need you to do a few things for us, things that sometimes fix issues for users before more extensive troubleshooting is needed. Can you please follow Steps 1-3 of our Solving Technical Issues checklist (confirm you're using the latest non-test version of Firefox or Chrome; turn off all extensions, addons, and anti-virus; and clear your cache) to see if one of those components is causing the problem? We can only help if we can recreate your issue, so it is important that you follow each step. If doing that fixes the issue, just let us know. Otherwise, move on to Step 4 , and we'll need all that information to further assist you.
Same here. Using Google chrome and Windows 10
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Mike M, similar issues often have dissimilar causes so we like to have each user in their own thread so we can provide focused attention.  If you would go through the same steps as I listed above and post the results in a new thread that would be a big help.
This happend quite often for me, but only at selected times on certain days