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[GitHub help] Palladium Megaverse Sheet


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Since I know HTML, CSS, Roll20 macro syntax and have a lot of friends who use first edition Palladium (Many of whom don't have pro accounts here.), a friend and I have decided to give something back to the Roll20 community and have been tweaking the current Palladium character sheet that exists here . My question is, when we're finished, how do we update this code on GitHub. I'm a GitHub newbie. Is it just as simple as creating an account there and then pasting in my modified code? And does this just automatically update that specific sheet in Roll20 or is there some approval process?

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Sheet Author
Unless your sheet is going to be a completely different version of the community sheet, it's probably best to make a fork of the roll20 repository, make your changes and submit a pull request. Wiki info may help:&nbsp; Beginner's Guide to GitHub &nbsp;PR's will get merged by Roll20 staff, usually weekly. &nbsp;Once PR's have been merged, the community sheets will pick up the updated sheet automatically. Make a github account. &nbsp; Fork the main character sheet repo.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Install and use the&nbsp; Desktop GUI or command line, (personal preference) Clone/Add your fork locally though the GUI/or command line or the "clone to desktop" link from your fork online. Make changes to your sheet locally (notepad++ or whatever) and save. Use GUI/or command line to submit/push a PR to your fork online. Go to your online fork of the repo to approve your own PR's to your fork. &nbsp;Your changes (PR) will then be sent for approval to be merged to the main repo. wait for the merge approval and eventually the community sheet will update with the changes. post back if you have any questions... lot's of help on the forums.
When you do get your own fork of the sheet, let me know. I am interested in helping out. Already worked on the Rifts sheet, and megaverse is not too different from rifts.

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Just to be clear, with a little shoehorning, the current Palladium Megaverse sheet works well enough to adapt to 1st edtion rules. The sheet is genre neutral and has the fields to capture the essentials that we need. It's just that, after playing around with it, we feel it could have better macro support (I mean in comparison to the D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder sheets, the Palladium sheets seem kinda primitive.), less tag soup (For easier edits and debugging in the future.) and a few other little tweaks to make it more friendly to 1st edition rules while, and this is important to emphasize , still keeping it fully compatible for the users out there on Rifts and/or later editions.&nbsp; Anyway, he and I are still tweaking it. I totally agree with Vince that it is best to just fork from the current sheet. Once we've got something working, I'll follow the instructions Vince lists out and inform Missionz what we have added to see what they think.