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LFG Classic Traveller?

Old school gamer looking to get into a Traveller game, prefer old school rules will play anything to get back into it.  Late nights, specific night negotiable I'm retired so pretty flexible schedule. 
I've hacked Silhouette (Heavy Gear/Jovian Chronicles) for Megatraveller. Slowly committing to a game set in the Rebellion here on Roll20 in Jan 2016. The system scale is similar (d6) but it's a "roll and keep" system.
Most of that terminology is alien to me, but I play RPG's no matter what the system so, if you do this I would be interested.
The Rebellion is the Imperium in civil war. The Emperor is assassinated and then an heir takes the throne under sketchy circumstances. Several factions emerge. Classic Traveller is set from 1105-1110 Imperial. The Rebellion begins in 1116. The Rebellion <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I'm hoping to do it in the Hard Times portion at the end of the Rebellion (1124+). Basically, the possible onset of a second Long Night. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have some interest but some of them have expressed interest in the classic timeline (1105-1115). I'm still up in the air at the moment.
The time period is no big deal to me, whatever you decide. &nbsp;What about a time and day for the game?