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Grid Numbering for Square Grids


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Really cool that there is grid numbers for hex grid (show labels option in page settings).  Is there any reason we don't have this same option for square grids?  I am currently using the roll20 board for a PBP game in which I move pieces for the players.  This means players call out their movements like in a game of chess.  We have to use hex because labeling of grid boxes is only available under that grid type but would prefer to use square grids.  Any plans on implementing square grid numbering/labeling in the future?

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Jars, good interesting idea, and it is a new suggestion as far as I know. For a workaround method in the meantime (granted this is less convenient) you could label the top row of square grid on your own with the type tool (A, B, C, D, E...) and then number the left-column of the grid (01, 02, 03, 04...), this would give you coordinates that the players could name (move me to square C-02). Another possibility is using the API to number the squares or to create the coordinates; the API is a perk for Pro subscribers. I don't know of an API script currently existing for this request, but if you subscribe as Pro then you can ask in the API sub-forum and my impression is this API would be possible to create. Note your suggestion is still valid for a Suggestion to add into Roll20, these are just some ideas to help for now.
I was about to suggest this same thing when I saw this post, currently on many forums play-by-post is very popular as it doesn't force everybody to be together at one time. The biggest drawback to pbp is that combat takes place without a map. Roll20 already allows players to drop in and see the map at anytime, if automatically numbered squares were implemented I think roll20 could take over as the top pbp site.

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For now I have gone with Golds suggestion and started drawing the number/letter around the boarder.  I am a Chess player and it never entered my mind to do that, ha.   I would still like to see that added sometime in the future as an available checkbox if possible.  For now this should let us get by. It would be neat to see some more fun options made available to those that play by post.  Maybe someway we could have rolls and updates passed from our phpbb forum to roll20 and have a map image that is actively updated and then viewed via an open png/jpg.  Something You could just throw into html and be done with.
I support this idea, I can't think why only hex grids get this! Having grid references around the borders is a poor substitute, especially on big maps.

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If this were implemented, I think it'd be ideal to either be able to set the square IDs as permanently visible, or only visible when a player/GM holds down a particular key. I was able to implement this sort of grid by using MS Excel. I created a grid of cells of the same pixel size as my roll20 map with their own cell names <  =SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN()),"$","") >  then used Excel's 'copy as a picture as seen on screen' feature to create an image of the grid for use by a roll20 token. I disabled gridlines in excel so they wouldn't conflict with roll20's gridlines, and granted players control of the token so they could send it to the back and to the front to hide/see the grid. Of course, this meant some part of the grid had to be visible "off the edge of the map" so that someone could always right-click it without it being behind everything, and that its visibility was the same for everyone. In retrospect, I suppose a good method would've been to have the first row and column contain headers (the row # or column letter) and every other cell show an offset <  =SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(ROW()-1,COLUMN()-1),"$",""). In this way the part of the grid that remained always visible could've still been used to pinpoint squares (mostly on smaller maps).
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