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Using Character Vault for monsters?


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Hi, I pay to sub and and happy to do so to support this. As part of my sub I get a character vault. Is there any reason I can't create monsters in a game I create and store them in the vault like they were characters. Now, and i can't stress this enough, this is not for me to try and use in other peoples games but as a way for me to have quick and easy access to monster stats for random encounters and such. It seems like a very practical idea but I wonder if there are any issues, either technically or other. Again, this is just for games I DM, I own all the books (monster manual included) so its in essence no different to me copying those out on to cards for easy access. Anyone any thoughts or done this? Does anyone know how many character sheets will go in the vault? Thanks, Rob

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I don't know the answer but you might want to try this question in the Specific Use Questions forum. It's likely to get lost here in Character Sheet land which is for discussing the formatted character sheets users make for the various RPGs.
Thanks clinton

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I have multiple PC's and other stuff in my vault that I move around to different campaigns for testing and it seems to work fine.  Transmogrifier(Pro perk) makes most of these transitions fairly painless between campaigns.  I set up a "Bestiary" on on campaign and import them as needed with transmogrifier.  I don't see why you couldn't do what you ask for your own campaigns using the vault, or dup a campaign of your monsters and delete the extras...  I would say test it out and report back. :-)
Thanks for the reply Vince. So you are saying you have a campaign called "Bestiary" and you use that as a hub for your monsters and just import the sheets to your actual campaigns when you need them? Is that right?
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That is pretty much what he is saying I believe :) Since this is a duplicate of your other thread I will go ahead and close this, please see this link for  details of the character vault but in lieu of the transmogrifier (a Pro perk) you can certainly use your vault in this way with relative ease. Just be sure to know which character sheet they are made with otherwise they may be useless in a game using another system ;)