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Using Character Vault as a bestiary?

Hi, I pay to sub and and happy to do so to support this. As part of my sub I get a character vault. Is there any reason I can't create monsters in a game I create and store them in the vault like they were characters. Now, and i can't stress this enough, this is not for me to try and use in other peoples games but as a way for me to have quick and easy access to monster stats for random encounters and such. It seems like a very practical idea but I wonder if there are any issues, either technically or other. Again, this is just for games I DM, I own all the books (monster manual included) so its in essence no different to me copying those out on to cards for easy access. Anyone any thoughts or done this? Does anyone know how many character sheets will go in the vault? Thanks, Rob

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The only limit on this is that the sheets you create will need to be the right game system to be of much use in other games but I'm guessing that won't be a problem. Since it requires a Pro subscription to access the transmogrifier which would allow for a much quicker way of importing characters/monsters across numerous games you create, the character vault is certainly a good way to do that, especially if you tend to run many games at once or numerous one shots and don't want to have them all in the same game. For reference here is the  wiki page detailing the use of the vault.
To the best of my knowledge, you can't use transmorgifier to pull sheets from the character vault.  However, if you'll excuse me, I'm now running over to the suggestions page to put that in.
I was thinking I would just import them to my campaign straight from my vault. Why would I need the transmog? 
Hi  Robert A. - the information provided by Z is accurate, take a look at that wiki it is helpful. The  Transmog is really just another way to do what you are asking on a larger scale. Since we have provide the answer to your question, I will close this thread, thanks!