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screenshot maps


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Hi, I was wondering if I took a screenshot of a page/map I have built using free and bought map elements (it's a town so there are quite a few pieces used) if I then imported the screenshot, so the map is now a background picture rather than a collection of elements, would this be less demanding on my players system? I'm new to all this and my system is fine but some people play with older laptops.  The other benefits, as I see it, is I can keep the map in my library to add to a page in the campaign any time the players go back to the city and, when moving elements around, such as barrels from a boat thrown in the sea as survival aides in a shipwreck scenario recently, it won't be so difficult to manipulate elements of the map cos the permanent elements...walls, floor, buildings will be all part of one image which is at the very back layer.  Any advice welcome and appreciated. Thanks, Rob
Yes, it will be less demanding on their systems and cut down on loading times/resources. You are thinking correctly with the rest of your statements as well. Congrats, you are ahead of the curve!
thats the reason my board take some time to load then...
Thank you old school Chris. :-)
I build all my maps using MapTool since it has a built-in export as a screenshot feature, which will export the entire map as a single image. This also has the benefit of keeping the map editable and accessible if you need to change something later.