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GM LFP, Barbarians of Lemuria: Lords of Destruction One Shot, Monday Dec 14th, EST but times are flexible, new players welcome

Painting above by Frank Frazetta In a time before recorded history, the world is a dark, savage place drenched in bloodshed and steeped in forbidden sorcery. In the north, the ancestors of the valley tribes stole the secrets to forging steel weapons from the inhuman masters of a bygone age.   Now, the brutal painted howlers from the brooding hills of Skara Brae are being united by a new high Chief of Chiefs, Kharnavorix. He gathers his army in the shadow of the angry, fire spewing mountain. The bull was set ablaze, the newborn babes cast into the fire. The omens are right. When the last of the Howler clans have sworn their spears to his war, they will descend in their thousands on the valley tribes and wash them from the earth for all time. A grand moot is held. Each of the valley tribes will select one warrior from their numbers. Together, they will travel to shadow haunted Skara Brae and slay Kharnavorix, adding his own head to the skull mound before his war begins. Or they will meet their doom in the attempt. Hi, my name is Alex and I'm a 40 year old GM looking to run a one shot of my favorite Swords & Sorcery game, Barbarians of Lemuria . No prior knowledge or experience is needed with either the game system or the setting. The mechanics are very rules light (I've taught it multiple times and it's never taken anyone more than 5 minutes to grasp the mechanics). The setting is a home brew Swords & Sorcery setting. All characters will begin play as members of barbaric warrior tribes. Note that this doesn't mean you must play a typical frenzied barbarian character (though that's certainly possible). You can still absolutely play a ranger/scout/thief/assassin/druid/shaman/what have you. Only that a tribal, barbaric spin be put on the character. For those in the know, I'll be using a hybrid of Legendary edition and Mythic (Mythic initiative stat and mechanic, Legendary damage mechanic and 2 weapon fighting rules, if they ever come up). Once we have a count for the number of players, we'll set up a time to do character creation as a group (I'm thinking next Sunday at the latest). Anyone with questions on the system, genre conventions, tropes and themes, or anything else really, is welcome to reach out. May all your enemies die screaming!
Frakk! This is the sort of game I have been waiting to see here on roll20 and it comes up on one of the few days that I can't make it. I am writing this to give this thread a bump and tell you that your idea is amazing and I wish you the best of luck with it.
Hi Erzig, is there a day that would be more suitable? I put down Monday simply to have a focused start date, but there's some flexibility.
Due to the time difference I could only do Saturdays or quite early Sundays (Like starting around 12-1 pm).
Sundays would work for me.  I'll PM you my skype info. We'll see if we can set up a time to chat.  We'll also see if the change of day allows for others who might be interested to hop in. 

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Even though I'm late to the party, this sounds very cool. Let me know if you ever decide to run another -- depending on time, I'd love to try a one-shot with this system.
PM sent to you Andrew.
If you are still looking for players, I'd be interested. I've played a little and run a little Legendary BOL in the past, it would be great to play it again.  The scenario sounds fun too.
PM sent Rudedd.
Hi everyone,  please note that for the holiday period I happen to have a fair bit of time off, so I can run one or two one shots over the next few weeks. If there's some interest, feel free to let me know. 
Karl V.
I am very interested
Hi Karl, sent you a PM.
In case you decide to run a BoL game again, I'd be interested.  I'm new to BoL & Roll20, but hope to use both to play with friends.  So participating in someone else's BoL game would be a great help.  Thanks
I'll keep you in the loop when I run another one. No problem.