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X/Y Axis inverted when resizing multiple Shapes created from the Polygon Tool

Hi Guys, The problem is as follows; Resizing a single or multiple shapes using the 'Draw Shape Tool' works as expected. Resizing a single Shape created using the Polygon Tool works as expected. Drag Left/Right and it will stretch Left/Right, Drag Up/Down Axis and it will stretch Up/Down. However, Resizing multiple shapes using the Polygon Tool works... Strangely. Dragging Left/Right will resize Up/Down. Similarly dragging Up/Down will resize Left/Right. I've recorded the issue in a gif format here;&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Sheet Author
API Scripter
This is may be an artifact of the fact that all of the drawings (polyline, rectangle, ellipse, or freehand) are actually&nbsp;Bézier curves. If so, there might not be an easy solution to the problem.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Thanks for the bug report, Greysion! Could you do us a favor and detail for us your Web Browser & Version number, your OS, any anti-virus & browser addons you have enabled, and most importantly, a Console Log from the moment you logged into the page through when you encountered the issue?&nbsp; The console log will help the devs with troubleshooting/fixing this bug. Directions for getting into the console can be found here in the Troubleshooting Guide
Here are my statistics as per the troubleshooting page, however I do not feel that this is a localized issue. Additionally the console logs do not record the specific issue. After I continue with further experimentation to narrow down the cause of the bug I will paste the entire console log in a pastebin and link it here and you may peruse if you so wish.
Okay, I believe I have figured out the exact issue now. The issue only persists after a group of objects has been rotated and their selection box changes to fit over the grouped items. When you select an individual shape, the selection box retains its normal functionality and resizes correctly. Normal Functionality:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> However when a multitude of shapes are selected, when resizing the shapes based on the new grouped selection box, each individual shape will instead resize localized to their own selection boxes. Rotational Functionality:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Rotational Functionality 2:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> And here is a quick image to better explain the issue than what I've managed to describe: The user sees the bounding box in Green . The Blue bounding boxes are invisible, but are the original bounding boxes for the shapes. Resizing the shapes via the Green Bounding Side #2 will stretch the shapes in a preview towards the Green Side #2 Directional represented by the green arrow. It will function as expected. However, once you accept the changes and let go of the selection, the shapes are actually changed by their own bounding boxes, the Blue Side #2 Directional. So instead of resizing to the East, they resize to the North East in this picture. I hope I explained myself well enough, my apologies if it is confusing. Additionally&nbsp; here is a pastebin of the console during the period of time where I discovered the issue. I've tried to minimize the irrelevant data by changing the default page to my debug page and doing as little as I could to properly recreate the issue.