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App crashes on Pixel C running Android 6.0.1

I get to "Choose a Campaign", and selecting one I get to all the window dressing, but it seem to crash as it's population content of the Journal.
Since this hasn't seen an update, I did some experimentation.  It looks like the issue is specifically with campaigns using the 5E Shaped sheet.  Traveller, Pathfinder, Fate, and 5E standard all load and seem fully functional and stable.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I do not know what would cause this specifically for my sheet besides it being bigger than the others. :S
That very well may be the issue.  I have been unsuccessful pulling any log data as the app full aborts with no coredump and other traps apparently.  This may be something that Riley and team will need to debug. I know you are working on some sheet revision since the new sheet features were launched.  I'm happy to test any mods if you would like to see if they affect this issue.  I can also add you to the test campaign I created if you would like.
Hi&nbsp; Eddie G. - apologies for our delay. I am not sure if you are using&nbsp; Roll20 for Android app or&nbsp; Table on Tablet ? If you are using Table on Tablet - you can email us for support @ <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. If you are using the app downloaded from the Google Play store - we do&nbsp;need to put out an update on our end. The Tablet apps are a little behind, but we are working on updating asap.
This is the app that has the problem. &nbsp;The Table in Chrome works fine on that device.