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I subscribed, but my players have no mobile or tablet access?

Wondering why it's not working for my players, it clearly said they would have access.
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
This is with a game you created here, not one that you are a co-GM of?
yes, I am the only GM
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Sorry for not getting back in contact sooner. Are your players using phones or tablets? If they are using tablets, can you have them post bug reports in the bug and technical forum so we can help them solve this issue? If they are using phones, phones are not officially supported.
Hi  Ciaran K. - Can you paste a game link in this thread so we can take a look?
They are using tablets, one a Samsung Tab3, and one an iPad.  Both are updated beyond the necessary OS build, but both still say "not available on this device."
Hi  Ciaran K. - Also for clarification, are your players attempting to use from their web browser on their tablets or attempting to use the Roll20 App which is available in the app store?
They are attempting to install the app from the app store/google play store.

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The  Table on Tablet support listed on the  supporter page is referring to using on tablets from the web browser - this should work for your users now with no issues, assuming you are the one who originally created the game. Roll20 for iPad and Android is a different free-to-use mobile tablet application that should be compatible with Android 4.4 or higher on Tablets 7 inches or larger & iOS 6.0 for Apple products on a 7" or larger tablet. If they are unable to download Roll20 for iPad or Android - then that means it is not compatible with their devices.  Please have your players try the site on their web browsers on their tablets - if they can get into your game then it is working as intended. As for the app - if they want to jump in this thread and give us the specification for their tablets we can look into it.
ah, gotcha, so the subscribing just lets them use it on their tablet browsers.  Okay, well that's fine then, thanks for the clarification, and love the site.
Since this issue is resolved I'll go ahead and close this thread - if you have any other issues please go ahead and start a new one.