Hey all :) I'm starting back up a regular Sunday night game group with some friends of mine, and I have a few slots available for people who might be interested. Here's the deal: I'll be running online tabletop games twice a month (every other Sunday) at 6p CST. One will be a recurring large scale adventure in the Numenera universe. The other will be one-shot adventures in a variant of The Strange universe that I've created (It's called 'Strange Asylum' - where The Estate essentially throws quickened patients in this mental institution into untested recursions to see if they survive and what intel they bring back. Cypher system rules with custom psych Descriptors that add some very interesting twists to each PC).  If you're interested in one or both, or have questions, hit me up here :) I run RP / discovery heavy campaigns. Heavy number crunchers and hardcore loot plunderers probably won't dig my jam. Thanks! :D