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Can't sort attributes/abilities

Trying to use the move (three line icon) button to drag attributes on a character (just on Attributes & Abilities tab).  Most of the time it does nothing, rarely the row drags to some random-ish position, often getting stuck over or under another row.  The Abilities list also looks like it has the same issue, I just haven't had the need to re-order them as much yet. This on Chrome, on multiple computers.  Tried with IE11 but the pop-out character sheet is blank for me in it. When working a lot of attributes, this UI of this tab is pretty frustrating -- the Add button changes focus down to the bottom of the list, so if adding multiple rows you need to keep scrolling back up for each one.  No focus change and/or an Add button at the bottom of the list would be much better.  A "Sort A-Z" would be a great help too.
Forum Champion
Are you using window popouts for Characters? I've found that the behaviour you've reported is isolated to this option; I haven't had any difficulties reordering Attributes when this option is not toggled.
Yes, I've got pop-outs on -- I'll try switching to in-window and see if that helps.
Stephen Koontz
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Hi Alex, we just tested out this issue and sure enough, sorting doesn't work while popped out. We'll take a look at getting this fixed. Thank you for the bug report.