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Dragging macros from sheet

I'm new to roll20 and getting the hang of it. I see videos of people dragging macros to the bottom from the character sheet, but they won't move on mine. I'm using the provided D&D 5e sheet. Can't see I setting to "unlock them". My players are having a hard time going from sheet to table top ect. Also I'm trying to make monster sheets from the npc tab of the sheet. When I assign a token to it and make the 3 bubbles above them have assigned values (hp,AC,perception). There is a spot for AC on the sheet but won't link to bubbles. Thanks in advance, I'm sure I'll have more simple questions!
The "AC" on the 5e sheets is a derived stat, so you can't link to it directly. I haven't had any problem dragging the Dice Icon from an ability, skill, or weapon down to the Macro Bar.  Do you have the Macro Bar Showing?
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Do you have the Use window popouts for Characters option toggled on? It's only possible to drag sheet buttons to the Macro Quick Bar if this option is not toggled on. Greg C. said: There is a spot for AC on the sheet but won't link to bubbles. You've mentioned that you've assigned a Default Token to your "monster" Character, but does that Token represent that Character ?
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Mark G. said: The "AC" on the 5e sheets is a derived stat, so you can't link to it directly. On the contrary, it's the first Attribute on the dropdown that can be linked to a Bar.
I'll try that and see if it works, can I do it for the players sheets or do they need to? Also yes the AC drop down your for PC sheets just not NPC sheets

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The players would have to toggle that option off themselves, if they've opted to toggle it on (it's off by default). The Attribute for NPC AC is named npc_AC. You can find it quickly by clicking on the dropdown and then pressing the n and p keys on your keyboard in rapid succession.
Awesome thanks!
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You're welcome. Have both issues been resolved to your satisfaction?
well now i can drag them, but they arnt staying in the quick macro spot under the Video Avatars, Also my players cant see that quick macro bar at all and ive made sure that each macro has "visable by all players" selected
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Ensure that they have the Show macro quick bar? option checked on the My Settings tab of the Sidebar.

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they all do have it checked but cant see them, i can see the macros for dice rolls in my macro quick bar, but they cant. I cant see the buttons from the character sheets there either, but i can physically move them
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Ensure that the macros all have the In Bar option checked.
they can see the ones in my settings that i have made, but ones from the character sheet still wont "bind" anywhere one the screen when i drag them off the sheet.

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Buttons dragged from the Character Sheet to the Macro Quick Bar cannot be made visible to other players in this manner. Nonetheless, each sheet button can be called by a hidden Ability. The names of the Abilities corresponding to each sheet button can be found on the sheet's Wiki page ( Legacy or Shaped ). If your players have all expressed interest in you placing various sheet buttons in their Macro Quick Bars, you could create a new macros, each containing a hidden Ability call of a relevant sheet button. Otherwise, the players can drag the sheet buttons to their own Macro Quick Bars and otherwise customize it themselves.