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Checking Interest for W:TA Game

Long time werewolf player/ST. No one local to play with, so I am trying other options. Never have used the online virtual tabletop type system, but if it can get me going in some gaming, i am willing to try it. Mulling possible area's for a setting, thinking New England or Texas. If interested, please post tribe/auspice/breed preferences. Probably 5 players max. If some one experienced with the online systems could give me a run down, that would be awesome. 3rd edition, revised, i.e. no stargazers Edit - Posted in Campaign - Looking for Players - Email me at Stonefur4ATaolDOTcom
2 spots left
1 spot has since opened up. If you want to worry about stats and skill sets and have no ability to role play at all, or any ability to understand what the word "Character" means and are just a prat who needs to stick to video games, please don't even waste my time. You know who you are>>><<<
Do you still have a spot available? I'm new to W:tA, but I have experience playing V:tM and M:tA.
This is now OPEN again, REVISED 3e Werewolf, send character ideas to Stonefur4ATaolDOTcom
Need....3 Characters...currently have a Wendigo Lupus Philodox, and Uktena Homid Ragabash. Please
at this time i am looking for semi-experienced people, if you are new and want to play, a good attitude and good effort are required.
2 more spots
1 more spot, looking for a Galliard to round out pack of five
I have 5 players currently, with 4 characters so if you want to have a chance, best character wins the slot!! Send them to my E-Mail or Skype me, looking to play next teusday if possible. Please do not apply to game, send me you character/ideas first
Stonefur 4 on skype <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
1 Spot still open. Tuesday night CST 7-8 p, send me a character ASAP for consideration. Come, join us on the lake.
I would love to play, tho ive never played before, i have been reading the books a bit
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