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Shaped 5e Sheet

Im loving these pre-generated sheets, very helpful with the macros. My players really dislike the "attack" macros always rolling 2 dice (adv/dis adv) and double dam dice (crit dice) ...just to many dice on the table because we like to use 3d roller
any easy way of changing it?
Not without making your own macros and ignoring the sheet's attack rolls. If you take a look at the wiki for the 5e Shaped Sheets [Link]( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... ) You'll see how each variable is referenced like Strength and such so you can make your own macros.
May I ask how long your players have been using this sheet? It becomes very natural to ignore the second values unless they are relevant. The advantage/disadvantage system is so inherent in 5E that really it makes sense to always have it there and figure out ways to make that second number important. So my suggestion is to keep it as is and enjoy the game's aspects rather than go through a lot of work to remove it. My two cents. H
Here's an attack macro I use. &nbsp;Just change Anwar Avasi to the character name and then strength to dexterity if it's a dex based attack. /em swings! To hit: [[d20+@{Anwar Avasi|strength_mod}+@{Anwar Avasi|pb}+@{Anwar Avasi|global_weapon_attack_bonus}+2]] This is the damage macro I use. &nbsp;I created an extra attribute on the sheet for rage that I fill in when I rage but otherwise you could just remove it. /em does [[d12+@{Anwar Avasi|strength_mod}+@{Anwar Avasi|rage}+2]] slashing damage!
We are all new to Roll20, but have been playing D&D since 2nd Addiction many many years ago. Im not that savy on macros, but have been able to find some to copy paste to get an initiative to tracker ect. We are playing horde of the dragon queen on a real table top for like 6 months, but have friends who have been wanting to play in other states so this has been great. Just trying to not get bogged down on on the tech stuff, but see where it makes the game flow faster. we had a lot of weird stuff with that shaped sheet, rolls not adding correctly even though sheet was correct...went back to the other one. Thanks for your help guys
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Greg C. said: we had a lot of weird stuff with that shaped sheet, rolls not adding correctly even though sheet was correct...went back to the other one. If you have bugs please report them. I haven't seen any major issues in a while unless it was due to the user settings something up oncorrectly.