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Design problem: the location of the pawn reference for dynamic lighting is 180 degrees of required position

Hi I opened a new session I put in free access to illustrate the problem:: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> When I'm in the mode "GM" I note that over 99% of the pawns are facing down in the engine of research (Art library), only those that I myself have designed and then imported into the library's pawns are positioned in the opposite direction and are therefore oriented toward the top of my screen. Some from the internet are oriented to the right or the left which makes them unusable... The problem come especially where is fixed by the application programming reference point for dynamic lighting in what concerns the pawns, currently it is positioned and therefore intended for pawns oriented toward the top of the screen in the search engine of pawns in the pawns (Art library) library that still shows only results of type pawn at the bottom of my screen! What poses a big concern for all those who use the so-called dynamic lighting function because the game masters are obliged to manually return each pawn in several successive manipulations (which puts them in the opposite direction from where they are displayed in the leaves of characters which is so ridiculous and illogical) The only solution for user asser motivated to overcome this painful asser anomaly is to create a version of the pawn in the direction allowing the pawn to use a narrow conical beam lamp which so well in front of him and not his back! It must therefore create and register in the user in the application's library a pawn that in the results of search of the library of pawns appears therefore as well as looking to the top of the screen instead of the bottom! Therefore since the creators of pawns create them and sell all oriented looking towards the bottom of the screen it seems to me that it is for the competent person in your team to make a change so that the reference point is after modification of its part 180 degrees from its current position so that finally we can fully enjoy the admirable work that have been done to create and improve this application. Because I see not all creators of pawns change their works at your request! ;-)
Pat S.
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The issue you are experiencing is usually from the older tokens that were created prior to dynamic lighting (but not always). It is usually recommended that if you just need it to face the opposite direction, you right click on the image and select&nbsp; advanced options in the popup menu then choose which flip (horizontal or vertical) direction you need.
I no longer wish to use this trick I know for many years, the design problem I mentioned is real, and I will not let anything, I request that this error be corrected design because it seems to me important for the application is devoid of this kind of problem.
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The light angle is centered on the rotation handle, so that the user can still find the handle to rotate the token with a limited FOV.

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Stephen Koontz
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As a work around you can always alter the image outside of Roll20 to face a different direction, then upload the token altered to your specifications. I'd also encourage you to add your vote to an existing Suggestion thread on this very topic in that forum.&nbsp; Here is an example of such a thread. As this is a design suggestion and not an actual bug, I'm going to close this thread.