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Journal/Handouts upload

Hello, I have been having a problem with uploading files to the journal/handout tab. When I try to up load a file, it starts to up load, but it takes a while and then it crashes my system to the blue screen dump. I have tried this on a couple of occasions by dragging and dropping and my selecting the file. Each time I get a crash to the blue screen dump. I can not put files in my hand outs any longer. I know I can send files to individuals, but I like to place things there and give them out as needed. Currently using windows 7 with firefox and I have updated my plug-ins. I have been able to do this in the past, but no longer am able to do this. Any help (better yet any fix) would be much appreciated.
Roll20 Team
Night Shade, what file types are you trying to upload? Also, there's a maximum upload size of 5 MB per upload. Is what you're trying to upload under the limit?
All files are under 1 meg. I have tried to upload pdf and a power point slide. I get a long delay and then a blue screen dump.
There's your problem, Night Shade. Roll20 does not support pdf or ppt uploads. It's currently jpg, png, or gif only. Admittedly it could be friendlier in letting you know this, but the file upload to handouts is for graphics only. For documents or similar you need to paste a link in one of the description fields to your cloud repository (Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever you happen to use). Cheers, Mr G.
Muchos thanks, just converted the pdf into a jpeg and tried it, it worked :-) Thanks.
No problemo :-)
Roll20 Team
Beat me to it, Mr G. Thank you!