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Odd Token Selection Problem with Map Layer

Mr G
KS Backer
I have what I think is a very typical dungeon set up. The map of the dungeon and some items that I don't want to accidentally pick up and drag (tables, furniture, etc) are all on the map layer. However, when I am on the map layer, I cannot select anything other than the large map unless I carry out the following sequence of events: 1. Select the map. 2. Move it. 3. Undo the move. 4. Now I can select one of the other tokens. Only once mind you. After I have moved that token, I then cannot select another one until I have repeated steps 1-3. I'm sure there's something I'm doing wrong, but this is frustrating me to tears.
Roll20 Team
I noticed this myself. It looks like the root of the problem happens when someone drags the art from the desktop to the tabletop. Here's a work-around I found: if you upload the image, delete the image from the tabletop, then pull it up again from the art library, this should fix the selection problems. I'll let the devs know that this is happening.
Forum Champion
Another workaround: Shift the map to the token or GM layer, work on all of your small stuff, go to the token or GM layer and shift the map back to the map layer. - Gauss
@Mr G. I think what might be happening is that you are selecting the large map object, which then will always stay selected even if you click on something "on top of" the larger object until you de-select it. Try hitting the Esc key to de-select the large object before trying to select a different smaller one and see if that helps...
There was a bug that Kristin found as well. I'm not sure if it's what you're experiencing or not. If it is, you'll need to re-upload your large map image tomorrow after the update. But I would try the Esc stuff first. Thanks!
Forum Champion
Esc works for me. Thanks for the tip Riley D. :) - Gauss
The ESC thing definitely works - many thanks, Riley!