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Update 1/18: New Servers, Proper Percentile 3D Dice, Repeating Field Fixes, and more!


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Riley D.
Roll20 Team
We've pushed out a few new things over the past couple of weeks since we came back from the holidays, and I thought I would make a post to gather it all in one place and let the community know about it so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. New Servers In case you missed it, we recently upgraded our server hardware for both our Database and Main App servers. We've seen tremendous increases in response time and the like, and we hope you've noticed the benefits in your own games as well! You can read more about this in detail on our Blog post:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... We also just set a new record for peak concurrent users -- more than 12,000 players at once! So these server upgrades are already coming in very handy... Proper Percentile Dice One of the first things that our latest Developer, Phil, worked on for us was finally getting our d100 dice to be properly shown in 3D. Now when you do a /r 1d100 with 3D Dice enabled, you'll see both a tens and a ones dice rolled. A nice little fix that really looks good in-game. Woot! Repeating Field Fixes, Attribute Fixes, etc. We've put out lots of little updates to fix lingering issues with the new Sheet Workers system and the new way that repeating fields work. Repeating fields should now show up consistently in the same order across all browsers. In addition, there's been a lot of fixes to sheet workers to get them really working at top-speed and without any problems. Finally, we've been working with community members to track down and squash several bugs relating to duplicate attributes and the effect this can have on games. In general, Character Sheets have never been faster, more reliable, and more feature-filled. Translation Project Our project to translate the site into various languages has continued to advance, with the Game Details page, Supporter page, and others receiving additional translation work. Thanks to our volunteer translators (who you can spot on-site featuring their nifty "Translator" badge) for all their hard work in bringing Roll20 to the whole world! Online Status Indicator There's now a new icon that will appear on the avatar of anyone who is currently in-game when you view a Game's Details page. Useful for quickly looking to see if your GM or players are on-time or late! Miscellaneous Modified Compendium permissions to prevent SPAM. Updates and bug fixes to our Official 13th Age and Burning Wheel character sheets. Modified Wiki permissions to prevent SPAM. Upgraded API servers for additional capacity during peak times.
Since this morning my game has been experiencing a very strange problem, possibly related to the update(?). Almost no one using chrome has been able to log on to the game. The open it up and everything loads, then it just freezes and they can't do anything in the game. Some have reported that waiting a long time (Read: Insanely long time) it works while others have had no such luck. Then on the inverse most of the people using firefox are completely unaffected. They can come and go as they please without any problems. Except for one or two people. In fact, the only reason I can even log into my game is because I am using firefox. While not game breaking, it is extremely frustrating having to switch browsers for only my game. All other games work fine for chrome.
I have had the same problem. &nbsp;Neither myself nor any of my players using Chrome have been able to log in. &nbsp;It freezes mid-load of everything. &nbsp;This is happening on all three of my games in Chrome.
Unfortunately I am also a Chrome user and experiencing the same issues. Mine will load after a while but I can't interact with it in any way.
The only thing I think it could be, and I am not extremely skilled is the 3D dice. Firefox doesn't have it and Chrome does. Maybe if it was used a lot, it needs to load all of the dice and for some games that is five seconds and other games hours?

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Riley D.
Roll20 Team
It was an issue affecting Games with large numbers of Attributes (like, thousands). It should be fixed now. Thanks!

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Why are the sides of the 3D ten-sided / percentile dice better lit than the front face? Never really noticed before since I don't use them. And why isn't the light source consistent between dice when rolling multiple dice?
Sheet Author
Hey Riley - Somehow I missed this update. &nbsp;The new Percentage dice is awesome. &nbsp;Thank you.