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[LFP] Pathfinder livestream game seeking one great roleplayer and fun person to fill our ranks! 8PM EST Sun.

So here's the schtick: I am the DM of a livestream Twitch game group called Exploding Dice. We meet every Sunday at 8PM, and we broadcast ourselves playing Pathfinder, currently the Jade Regent adventure path. We are looking to fill a spot in our group, and we want to find someone who is great to hang out with, funny, and a great roleplayer to join us and have fun. Some of our players need a little help breaking out of their shells, and I'd like someone who is comfortable in the saddle who can set an example. Applicants should be comfortable with the fact that this is a livestream game, meaning there is a (small, but hopefully growing) audience tuning in. This doesn't really change how the game is played, but it's a pretty central facet. As such, all of our players use Skype voice chat and webcams. We'd like you to be able to provide both as well, as viewers want to see your pretty face as you react to strange and outrageous events unfolding in front of you. Bonuses that would bump an applicant up to the top of the list would include experience with any forms of livestreaming (the channel does run other content, so if you have a show of your own, we can help eachother), or the desire to get involved and help out. First time streamers who are excited to try are welcome! Now on to the weird details: -Pathfinder, Golarion setting. -Core races only, though the party has elected to all be humans. -20 point buy -Two traits, three with a drawback. -Background skill rules being used. I don't really want to talk character concepts right away, so please don't contact me with one up front. Once we've spoken one-on-one, I'll sit down and discuss the setting stuff and building a character with the chosen player. I don't want to spam links here, so if you'd like to see some back episodes to see how the group performs, I can send Youtube links to our back sessions. That's all for now. If you have questions or want to express interest, feel free to PM me here, or get to me on Skype, where I'm Askren- Thanks for reading.
I am one of the players and I will say that Askren runs a very great game.  He is detail oriented, does some great accents/voices, and his handmade maps are some of the best I've seen (professional or otherwise).   I do want to drop a tiny spoiler here and say that Askren runs a heavily modified Jade Regent game, so if you aren't a fan of the AP as written, don't let it dissuade you as he has changed up some of the core mechanics and a large part of the Sandpoint portion. Join us on this grand adventure.  We're all eagerly awaiting the chance to leave Sandpoint and strike out on our own.  One of the other players and I have been best friends for years so there is already a solid chemistry with the group.  You're the last piece of the puzzle.
Sent a PM to Askren, but posting here to let you know that I'm interested! Sounds fun, will check it out even if I don't end up joining you guys
YouTube Link of most recent stream
will pm for a spot thanks
Bumping. We're still taking applications for a spot. I'll be trying to get PMs out to anyone I missed in the next day or so, so apologies if I have been late to reply. You can check out our most recent episode on Youtube if you would like to see a game in action.
I would be interesting in joining.
The last bump I'll be giving, we'll be doing our final selection in the next day or so.
Im interested in joining, and available all day today to speak.  PM me if you wish to discuss.
honestly sounds like an amazing game, but the core races only limitation kinda kills it for me... played core races from 1st to 3rd, so kinda a put off...
If you're still taking applicants I'm very much so interested, PM if you're still taking people I would love to stream some PF!