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Roll20 and Savage Worlds.

Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with playing Savage Worlds on Roll 20. How well does everything run? Any issues? I have found this link for a macro:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ~Cheers :)

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Roll20 works great for savage worlds. Integrated decks for initiative and can use those to make a deck of bennies, and just deal cards directly to the turn order. I made a few macro's for savage worlds I will post them here for you if you want to give them a try. Trait+Wild = &nbsp;/r {1d?{Trait Die|6}! , 1d6!}kh1 + ?{Modifier|0} Trait =&nbsp;/r 1d?{Trait Die|6}! + ?{Modifier|0} Melee-Damage =&nbsp;/r {1d?{Strength|6}! + 1d?{Weapon Damage Die|6}! +?{Modifier|0}} Melee+Raise =&nbsp;/r {1d?{Strength|6}! + 1d?{Weapon Damage Die|6}! +1d6! +?{Modifier|0}} Ranged-Damage =&nbsp;/r ?{Number of Dice|2}d?{Die Type|6}! + ?{Modifier|0} Ranged+Raise =&nbsp;/r ?{Number of Dice|2}d?{Die Type|6}! + 1d6! + ?{Modifier|0} RoF2 =&nbsp; /r 1d?{Trait Die|6}! &nbsp;First Shot /r 1d?{Trait Die|6}! &nbsp;Second Shot /r 1d6! &nbsp;Wild Die RoF3 =&nbsp; /r 1d?{Trait Die|6}! &nbsp;First Shot /r 1d?{Trait Die|6}! &nbsp;Second Shot /r 1d?{Trait Die|6}! &nbsp;Third Shot /r 1d6! &nbsp;Wild Die That should cover almost every roll in the game. &nbsp;Set them to default die size of 6 with a default modifier of 0. A tip someone shared with me on the bennie pile while you can only use one card and set it to infinite draws there is a bug when you try to recall them to the deck. &nbsp;If you just copy the standard deck and replace all 54 cards with your bennie image the recall function works perfectly. Make one campaign with all this work as your base Savage Worlds game and then just copy it to actually start a game so you don't have to repeat any set up steps. &nbsp; I also have handouts for the players to reference with the combat survival guide, rules covering wounds/fatigue/shaken ect... If you search the art library from in the game for "burst" and scroll down you will find the small,medium, large, and cone templates just go ahead and pull them over to your homepage that you let the players see and that has their tokens on it. &nbsp;Size them to scale and when you need them just copy/paste. Set the scale to 2 meters that is how far an inch is using savage worlds rules. &nbsp;You could go without a grid or hex overlay and just measure if you do use hexes the distance of one hex side will be 1 meter good for doorways and things. The deck system also works great for the savage worlds "Adventure Deck" just need to get jpeg/png image files of them.
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Yeah, SW works great in Roll20. I changed my distance to one, because everything in the SW book is coded for inches rather than feet or meters. Just makes it a little easier when having to determine range modifiers. &nbsp; As for the templates... I'm not sure if the templates from a regular search are sized properly, but I have templates properly sized for the 70px grid, and if you drop them on the map layer they come in with the proper proportions, then you just need to move them to the token layer.&nbsp;

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Hi all, I just set up my&nbsp;own SW Campaign and we had a test game. Thanks to the Macros from John.R. it was a breeze to get started. I just wanted to post this to say Thanks. They should be part of the Savage Worlds Wiki Entry! &nbsp; For the Scale, I just set up everything to Inches and the gridsize to 1. so&nbsp;70px is one virtual inch. I have played only with grid so far but plan the next game without it, to get more freedom of the movement.
Your welcome for the macros Marcus. &nbsp;I will look into getting them added to the wiki. &nbsp;I am glad you like them.