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Rugs, Hides, Bookcases and of course, throw pillows

Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
So excited about this latest  Scene Additions set 8: Rugs, Hides & Books ! Flat and crumpled up versions of rugs and hides, and who doesn't want a decent throw pillow on their mega spaceship for WH40K, or a good griffon pelt for their monastery? Cover up those nasty bodies with a colorful cotton throw rug!  What self-respecting dungeon goes without at least a few rugs and throw pillows, eh? Need that nice pit trap hidden? How about an animal hide or two! Variations of rugs and hides - laid flat and scrunched up for those awkward trap reveals. Soften the piercing pit trap with some colorful throw pillows. Or perhaps grab a book to read from the bookcases (ok, they don't come out...sorry), snuggle up on your favorite golden fleece while mobs can't quite figure out why you're not being bludgeoned to death by their merciless blows. Hope you enjoy!
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
My "Muthur" loves this set!
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Ahhhh...but Muthur is not in gotta track it down...or I can beg the team to let me post the pillow here.