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Players able to see NPC character sheets

Hi Guy This is my first post, though ive been haunting the forums for a while. I cant find a solution to this problem however. I have recently created a custom character sheet for my games and use it for all characters and NPCs. However, my players cannot see the character sheets of characters they don't control. Which has meant I have had to white up manually all the details of enemies and other players in the bio in a big wall of text, since its the only part my players can see in journal. It's quite important to be able to look at allies and enemies stats. Does it have to be this way? Or am I missing something.
Thats strange? If you mean you only set it so the journal can be viewed?  But no edits can be done? Honestly.  Let them have control and edit over the sheet so they can see the character sheets. Its true they can edit them but lets be honest. If they were going to cheat or mes with them. Whats the point playing with them.

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Hi Thomas R. - Here is the wiki documentation on the Journal:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... It should help you get a good understanding of how the "Can Be Edited & Controlled By" settings work. If you have the "In Player's Journals" option checked: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... and your players can only see the NPCs bio tab, please let us know if they do not see that so we can move this to Bug Reports and get a Dev to assist you. They can only see the Sheet with the "Can Be Edited & Controlled By" option edabled.
Thanks for the fast reply That answers my question Avacyn. That I cannot have my character sheets able to be viewed by players (except for their own character) I thought of an easier way, I will take screen shots of the character sheets and post them into the bio. So that my players can see eachothers sheets and that of NPCs. If this is the right place for it, I would like to suggest that it would be useful to be able to have character sheets able to be viewed (and not edited) by players for characters other than their own. With my limited understanding of html i think it should not be a big workload to change.
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The suggestions forum exists for those quality of life tweaks (or essential must haves), there is one that pretty much summarises your needs which has a bit of support so far: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Thanks Ziechael Reguarding my previous idea of posting screen shots in the bio. Do you know how I could achieve this? It turns out I cannot simply drag drop anyway.
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Try the following: Upload your image to an external image hosting site (e.g. Imgur ). Place the the image's URL in an HTML img src tag. Paste this tag into the Bio & Info's redactor editor box (the image should populate the box). Save Changes. &lt;img src="<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>"&gt;
You can copy and paste an image into the bio. It's weird. Can't upload, but you can paste.
Thanks a lot guys!

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Silvyre, what is a redactor editor box? Edit: Nevermind, HoneyBadger's solution worked perfectly!