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Roll20 app issue

Patrick Von Raven
Marketplace Creator
I hope this is the right place.  A player of mine is trying to use the app for my roll20 campaign.  Now, he can access other campaigns, but when trying to access mine, the app gets stuck on the Loading screen.
Forum Champion
Could you have have your friend complete Steps 1-3 of our Solving Technical Issues wiki page, taking special care to... Temporarily disable all browser add-ons and extensions Temporarily pause your anti-virus, and Try switching browsers (for Chrome/Firefox specific issues) to see if one of those components is causing the problem. If all of that fails, he would need to follow Step 4 , including providing all of the necessary information ( especially the Console Log! ), so that we can further assist you. Thanks!
Can you give me a link to the game where it's happening? Thanks!
Patrick Von Raven
Marketplace Creator
Sorry, just to be clear, he can't get access via the tablet app.
Patrick Von Raven said: Sorry, just to be clear, he can't get access via the tablet app. Right, I know. I assume it's on Android? We pushed out a new update that seems to have broken some campaigns but not all of them, and I don't have a test case yet. If you can send me a link to the game that he is playing in with the issue, I can hopefully figure out what's causing it :-)
I submitted a new fix to Android and iOS (v1.5.1) which should fix this issue. Thanks!
Any chance of a screen size over ride? I'd love to play on my Note 5, but it has a 5.5" screen.  It processes the online site well but it's cumbersome to use.  Thanks in advance