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Refreshing an attribute with MAX at some point

If I want to refresh a attribute value with its MAX version at some point, what code can I use. I tried the 'set attribute macro' one but it doesn't seem to handle calls to existing attribute values.  A Bar value will do just as well.
command is not defined I took out the bar1 and bar2 values, was I supposed to do something else or place it somehow ?  I just added it as a new script called resetBar3.js. Thanks for that :)
Oh sorry. That was part of a script. Let me add the rest of it.

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Here's the full script with the part needed that defines what command is... I also included the !clear command that simply removes all status icons but doesn't change any bars. I used these to reset all the tokens on a map to their fully healed, default state in my D&D campaigns. Basically, I'd just hit CTR + A and use !reset to fix them all. on("chat:message", function(msg) {     // Exit if not an api command     if (msg.type != "api") return;          // Get the API Chat Command     msg.who = msg.who.replace(" (GM)", "");     msg.content = msg.content.replace("(GM) ", "");     var command = msg.content.split(" ", 1);     // Removes all status markers from selected tokens...     // Usage: !clear     if (command == "!clear") {         _.each(msg.selected, function(obj) {             var Token = getObj("graphic", obj._id);             var DefaultIcons = "";             if (Token.get("represents") !== "") {                 DefaultIcons = findObjs({_type: "attribute", name: "DefaultIcons", _characterid: Token.get("represents")})[0];                 DefaultIcons = (DefaultIcons !== undefined) ? DefaultIcons.get("current") : "";             }             Token.set("statusmarkers", DefaultIcons);         });     }     // Resets selected tokens to their fully healed state...     // Usage: !reset     if (command == "!reset") {         _.each(msg.selected, function(obj) {             // Get the Token and its max bar values...             var Token = getObj("graphic", obj._id);             var Bar1Max = Token.get("bar1_max");             var Bar2Max = Token.get("bar2_max");             var Bar3Max = Token.get("bar3_max");             var DefaultIcons = "";                          // If the Token represents a character, check to see if the Token             // has any default icons to set. Usage should be markername@value             // Example: grenade@2             if (Token.get("represents") !== "") {                 DefaultIcons = findObjs({_type: "attribute", name: "DefaultIcons", _characterid: Token.get("represents")})[0];                 DefaultIcons = (DefaultIcons !== undefined) ? DefaultIcons.get("current") : "";             }                          // Reset bar values and remove all status markers except those              // marked as default icons...             if (Bar1Max !== null) Token.set("bar1_value", Bar1Max);             if (Bar2Max !== null) Token.set("bar2_value", Bar2Max);             if (Bar3Max !== null) Token.set("bar3_value", Bar3Max);             Token.set("statusmarkers", DefaultIcons);         });     } });
That works great, many thanks :)