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Allowing additional objects and folders to have the vault storage feature.

I enjoy running multiple campaigns, but with each one I generally have a base selection of maps (handouts), Music (Jukebox) and Battlemaps (Rooms) That I want to carry over from one to the other. Now It currently is possible to simply create a "base campaign" with all these things I want and then copy it for each new campaign, but this comes with the downside of anything NEW I want to add needs to be added one at a time to each campaign I'm running. Proposed solution: I would like to recommend that things such as Jukebox Playlists, and Handouts  (preferably by the folder rather than individually) should be objects that can be saved in the character vault (Which would then become "The Vault") and thus can be exported to other campaigns, allowing people to essentially update all existing campaigns with new information. If anyone has any additional suggestions or criticisms of this idea, please say so, perhaps one feature that would be vital for me isn't necessarily important to other people.
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Hi, Hierophant . A tool ( Transmogrifier ) already exists for Pro subscribers that does much of this, already. The Transmogrifier is a tool which allows you to take elements out of any of your games and put them into any other game that you own. It works similarly to the Copy/Extend Game feature, but you can use it to add objects to in-progress games.
Oh well I feel silly now. I had completely forgotten about the Transmog feature. Guess that resolves that
Does the Transmogrifier allow copying of folders? If using the new SRD, and I want to make all monsters available in a folder, how do I copy/move them all in one shot? 
Unfortunately, you'd have to drag them individually. It doesn't pull folders.
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