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LFG Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy - GMT+1 - Nighttime variable


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Hey all! I am from the Netherlands and 23 years old. I got interested by watching the Roleplay series of JP McDaniel on Youtube. I am new to the pen and paper RPG scene but i got my hands on a copy of the Dark Heresy core book! I can play from Sunday through Thursday on a regular basis. After 7-7:30 PM GMT+1 should be fine on theses days. Friday and Saturday depend if i have work or other meetings that evening. I am also willing to be flexible in choosing a career, i understand it is no fun if we have 3 guardsman and a cleric. I am more then interested in doing a one shot campaign. If i find the group appealing i am willing to join in for a weekly or biweekly campaign.  I am a tech freak so i am knowledgeable with Teamspeak, Mumble, Skype, Google hangout and other communication tools. I do not have a webcam but i do have a good headset with proper mic.  cant wait for a reply! Edit: We need a knowledgable game master for a game of Dark Heresy!
I want in if you get this going! 
A Dark Heresy game would be awesome! I would love to join.
I have been prefering to get a Deathwatch game going, but Dark Heresy is quite interesting as well! If you still have a spot available, I would be quite interested in joining up! Im from the Netherlands as well, so GMT+1 here too.
i am would love to join as a fellow hollander 
Awesome... however.. i have no experience with being a dungeon or game master. Since i am kind of new too this all.. So we kind of need somebody who knows a bit of Warhammer 40k and who would be willing to be a game master.
I made a campaign to test the waters -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Lets see if we can get a gamemaster.
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I'm reposting this from the discussion in the campaign page, just thought might be worth a shot Me and a friend would be interested in playing. I am a relative newbie to Dark Heresy, although not to RPGs in general, having played 7th Sea and the Game of Thrones RPG. My friend is a complete newcomer to both Dark Heresy, 40k in general, and roleplaying in general. We both have characters rolled up from the sup/tg/ CharGen, and are both GMT+/- 0 However, before I submit our full applications, I'd like to ask if we are going to be playing in the Calixus Sector, as described in the books, as it would affect certain choices (homeworld and the like).
I would be up for it.
Did you find a GM yet? If no, I think I could give it a go. It isn't the simplest system to use at times and I do need a little bit of a refresher course for myself before starting it. I have been prepared to host a campaign in the system before, though the plans fell through due to my groups lack of time to play. I am at GMT+1 for timezone which seems to mesh well with the others. Regards Duskifer
I can GM or play. Message me on skype: koolkapsel
wow.. i am very sorry. we just filled the spot last night, However, can we add each other as friends or something because there might be a chance for other groups starting up in the future.
No worries whatsoever. No harm in getting more contacts. Does this friend offer extend to me too? ; / I'll add you or something.
haha yes to both :)