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Player with Mentor-level subscription, GM with free account

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I'm interested in becoming a mentor-level account, specifically for the potential with the API. However, I'm currently only a player (in two D&D4 campaigns), not a GM anywhere. I'm not certain whether paying for a subscription is worthwhile as just a player. What sorts of things can a Mentor do in a game run by a GM with a free account?
Not really much. You could be the owner of the game and give the real GM GM rights, then the game has all the mentor features. After logging in you'd then "Join as Player" from the setting tab. Some stuff is limited to the owner though, not sure if the other GM can see the API etc, but it would be there and you could definitely access it. Of course there's no way to transfer ownership, so you'd have to recreate the entire game. However, if you're not willing to do that (or your GM), then aside from the fact you get access from mobile devices and maybe some other small goodies there's not really a benefit for players from mentorship. If it's the same GM, you could also think about gifting a mentor sub to the GM.
Alex L.
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Quatar said: .. there's not really a benefit for players from mentorship.... Other than the warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping the people that make your game posible.

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This poses a very interesting point: since the majority of people playing RPGs are that, players, and only a fraction are actual GMs, Roll20 staff should think of ways to reward non-GM users for getting a paid subscription.  One way I can think of doing this (just one possibility of many), could be to enable players to save their characters to their own accounts, instead of them being 'property' of the GM/Campaign. Then include the ability for players to export their character to a new campaign, even with a different GM. :)

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Pat S.
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With a group that i joined is doing is I host the campaign boards but play as a player. I posted a suggestion that I create a board for each GM and i just function as a player in their boards.