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2 or 3 GMT+/-1 players required for Learning 13thAge adventure and Roll20


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I am running a short 13thAge adventure which may or may not co campaign. Mainly in order so that I can learn Roll20, learn 13thAge and have some relaxing fun. I am in the UK and will be conducting games in that timezone. Although there is a date set on my campaign I have not SET it in stone as yet. The first thing to do it to meet everyone, create characters (which if you havent got the game might require discussion on concepts and it will be created by myself and approved by you). Expect it to not go super smooth. I welcome players who are new to Roll20, that way, we can learn together. 13thAge is very D&amp;D Nextish. Google it, it's fab. Cheers Ade <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I believe I saw you mention it before somewhere on the forums, it sounds quite interesting. I have some experience with Roll20 and it's workings and could be fun to learn something new.&nbsp; There is an issue with your link though, it's set to not authorized at the moment, you need to use the Share Link.
Yeh i think thats just a link to the campaign. Im presuming folks post there and then can get added to it by moi? Or do i have that bit totally wrong?
Nah, you need to be in the campaign already to be able to follow that link I believe. If you use the share link , people can apply for membership if im correct.
Sounds like fun! I live in the UK as well, have a little bit of experience both with D&amp;D and Roll20. If you're planning to play early evening then count me in!
So since the link doesn`t work I "apply" here.&nbsp;
Edited the link, i think it worketh now.
One more player needed if possible.
Hi there, I would love to play with you guys if you dont mind a newbie to the tabletop scene in your party! I live in England and what I lack in knowledge is made up in spades of enthusiasm.&nbsp;
Ok get back to you this afternoon. What times are you available. If you can PM me a little about yourself, cheers, age etc.
I am free most times of the day and evening (I'm an insomniac) I am 21 and my name is Alexandra. I have played a tabletop for the first time this week and I loved it.I have a pretty big imagination so I feel this is definitely my style of game.Anything else you would like to know?
Ok i need a couple or so UK timezone players who can do Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons/evening UK time, and also be about during the week UK evening times to catch up/discuss etc.
Link to campaign now works.