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Journal Links to Compendium Pages


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It would be great if it would be possible to link to compendium pages within the journals and characters.  For instance, I put all of my campaign info into journal entries so that I don't need to refer to a book in game.  It would be nice to link to a spell or monster or item when it is mentioned in the text so that I can bring it right up.
API Scripter
+1 - I think we should also be able to link within the Compendium - so one Compendium entry can reference another (e.g. NPCs with spells)
+1 - I also do what Ken has making entries in the past with [title] links to those documents inside the more player facing journal entries.   Being able to bring up the Compendium knowledge without making journals entries for such, would be awesome.
After seeing the potential of journal linking in Storm King's Thunder, I now see this as a must have feature. Being able to link to an in-game popup would be a WAY better experience than linking against the in game compendium. As of right now, there is no reason to link to the roll20 one, I might as well use the official PRD (I play pathfinder, but the request translates).
With the updates, does anyone know if this has (through the multiple compendium updates) become feasible?

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I would also think with everything happening with the Charactermancer and the potential for expanded compendiums this would be a really good feature. Adding things like potions to the inventory, you would be able to click on the name and link to the Compendium Page for that potion (and should support handouts for custom items). Likewise, spells could potentially reduce their overhead on the character sheet by just referencing their compendium entry in this way. Spells seem to add a lot of overhead to the character sheet, whereas with this ability to link to the compendium with a URL may reduce the overall load time of the character sheet (but would probably take longer to execute when clicking on the spell). I do not want to draw parallels to other products of this nature, but it's ultimately the one thing, that other product does really well.
Stephanie B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Hi, there. We implemented a change a couple of months ago when updating some compendium tools. If you open a link to the compendium from inside the VTT, it will open as a compendium page. You will need the direct URL to the compendium page, which you can get either from navigating to the page in a separate browser tab, by going to a page that links to it (such as a parent category, or the previous page in the bottom navigation) and right-clicking the link, or by right-clicking any internal link on the page (such as the Attributes link) and selecting the option to copy the URL to your clipboard. Create the link in the handout as normal, using CTRL+K or the link icon in the text editor. In the URL field, delete any text that is automatically added, and paste in the direct URL. Be sure to remove any arguments in the URL.For example, if I right-click the Attributes link on Potion of Healing, the full URL is&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. &nbsp;Delete everything from the "?" onward, including the "?" Similarly, if you have a direct link like&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, &nbsp;delete everything from the "#" sign onward, including the "#" sign. This works whether the URL is or, though it will not work for other subdomains (such as the wiki, marketplace, etc.) If this doesn't meet your needs, please comment here and let me know. If it does meet your needs, however, I can close this suggestion and refund your votes. (And I can already see that having the URL somewhere on the compendium page would be a nice-to-have feature!)
Stephanie B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
(Closing this thread to refund votes.)