Allow GMs to Control The opacity to the GM Layer

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The existing slider entitled "GM Opacity" controls only the opacity of the fog of war layer. 1) Rename the existing slider to "Fog of War GM Opacity" 2) Create a new slider called "GM Layer Opacity" that controls the opacity of the GM layer.
I'm unclear on what this would be used for, as only the GM sees what is on the GM Layer. Can you give an example use case for this suggestion?
It would help minimize the interference of tokens and other images on the GM Layer.
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Putting notes on the GM layer can be problematic as the opacity makes it hard to read the notes. i usually end up adding black boxes around the text just so I can read it. While they are at it the global illumination should have a slider as well. I want to do moonlight. I'm sure there is a suggestion in here somewhere for that already. 
Ed S. said: Putting notes on the GM layer can be problematic as the opacity makes it hard to read the notes. i usually end up adding black boxes around the text just so I can read it. While they are at it the global illumination should have a slider as well. I want to do moonlight. I'm sure there is a suggestion in here somewhere for that already.  Yup.  these are the use cases I am running into.  Basically, things need to be darker or less dark depending on what I am doing.  In one use, I was running an Imperiall Assault game and wanted to have the hidden deployment spots on the GM layer be more transparent.  In another case I was setting up a D&D map and I wanted my overlay to be darker for notes.
Couple things: 1) I wholeheartedly support this suggestion; I would love to be able to change the opacity of the GM layer, because I occasionally have hidden map elements "on top of" visible token elements, making the tokens hard to see if the map element is busy/detailed.  In fact, I was going to suggest this independently, but I found this thread with a forum search so I figured I'd just add my voice for support. 2) The current "GM Opacity" slider applies to both Fog and darkness via dynamic lighting, so renaming it would be good, but calling it just the Fog of War Opacity would no longer be appropriate.  Maybe "Concealment Opacity," or "Fog/Darkness Opacity." 3) I'm bummed that this suggestion is almost exactly a year old but has had little discussion and apparently hasn't been developed.  Do not a lot of folks see the appeal? 4) Red: Ed S.; There is a workable option for moonlight; instead of turning on global illumination, place a series of evenly spaced tokens (about 9 squares/45 feet apart) on the Dynamic Lighting layer, give them a light range of 60, but set the light to dim at "-5".  The result is a dim, even light across the board.  Is it perfect?  No.  But it'll work until (or if) your suggestion gets implemented.
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This would be a welcome change. I'm having frequent problems where I add a lot of information to the GM layer, only for it to be too translucent to see against the background layer. 
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I'm going to post here again because I want to stress just how needed this feature is, and offer an example: I'm currently running Curse of Strahd for a group, and one of the most important maps is of the entire region of Barovia, which I purchased from Mike Schley specifically for use on Roll20:  Now, Mike offers two versions of the maps: One with the labels and one without. I went into Photoshop and made a PNG of *just* the labels, and dropped them into the GM layer. As you can see, much of the legibility is instantly lost due to the mandatory translucency. Even recoloring them to be monochrome black & white doesn't help. Even more aggravating is that any attempt I made to give further text on this map is useless. No matter what color I use for text, they remain illegible against the map. Adding black rectangles behind the text only helps a little, and the quirkiness of how text and shapes move differently when selected is frustrating enough to not make it worth it. I'm left with the options of referring to the book or having a handout open with an image I've marked up myself. I don't understand why I would be given control over the opacity of the grid and the fog of war but NOT on the GM layer. I should also note, I've had luck with being able to place meaningful symbols on the GM layers of the maps in the modules we sell, but that's been more due to getting lucky with the color schemes of the maps themselves. Pretty soon I'm going to run into a map where its colors eliminate useful GM layer overlays, and a major tool that we rely on for helping people quickly learn the adventure as a GM is going to be negated. Please please please add this. (And while you're at it, if you can make it so that the Fog of War doesn't also hide the GM layer in the process, that would be great.)
Unless I'm missing something (and I don't mean to necro an old post) this is still something I would love to see. If this option has become available I would love to be enlighened as to how it could be accomplished, for exactly the reasons stated above. 
I'd like to add my voice to this request. Reading notes I've left for myself on the DM layer is incredibly frustrating, even when I give myself a contrasting background.

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This is something I've wanted for a while. Depending on the situation, the GM Layer at present often ends up being too transparent (making it difficult to read notes put on the map or see tokens/etc that blend in easily with everything else) or not transparent enough (making it difficult to actually see the map as the players see it, due to being cluttered with too much hidden stuff). A lot of time, I might have stuff on the GM Layer that's important for later on, but I have no need to be able to see right now - being able to make it all completely invisible until I actually need it would make things much easier. Likewise, if all that's on the GM Layer is notes I've left for myself, It's easiest if I can just make it completely opaque.
Bump.  Wish this was a feature.
Same here.  Starting to run ToA and it's nearly impossible to see GM layer tokens on the map of Port Nyanzaru. Hey, Roll20, can we get some feedback on this feature please?
Oh wow, this has been a suggestion for a while. I'm surprised nothing was done about it! I'm just a few sessions into a campaign and I've already found myself wanting to change the GM layer's opacity multiple times. As of right now, I've got to put minimal information on the GM layer of the world map for my campaign, since the lines i'd like to trace across it to record all sorts of pathing and navigation details would ordinarily make it completely unreadable as far as tracking the token layer is concerned. That, and preparing large amounts of currently-hidden locations has made it hard to tell what's 'real' or not.

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+1 from me - I would love this feature!  :-) Not only do I agree with all the reasons stated above, I also would like to hide the GM layer (by changing opacity) so that I can quickly see what a layout looks like as a player character without having to re-enter the system as a player (and without needing to disable fog of war).   I place lots of tokens that will come into play (e.g. hidden monsters) and hints to myself (e.g. the range of a shrieker) on the GM layer so I can smoothly pop items in and out of view for the players.**  Being able to make all these tokens, notes, and hints temporarily vanish from the GM's sight would provide a really good idea of what the players will see. **p.s. SERIOUS KUDOS for the advanced keyboard shortcuts that make it so easy to move items between layers!
In my opinion this would be a much needed addition, I've been trying to create a multi level map and am using the gm layer to add the "roof view" on buildings so that when my players get on top of them they'll see the roofs, problem is that while I made the roof view in the gm layer, I still need to make the inside of buildings in the map layer but I can't see anything cause the tiles in the gm layer are covering it. Such a simple addition would make map making so much easier for situations like this. Definitely a +1 from me

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This would be easily source-able and someone would probably readily do it for free.  It's a super-easy change to make.  I want it to be more visible, so +1. I originally posted some other stuff here, but it occurred to me that I was close to violating "code of conduct" regarding distractions, so it's gone now.