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[Script] TokenAction creator v0.1.4 for the 5th Edition OGL sheet v1.4

Improvements: Due to the simplification of roll names with the sheet, there are no longer limitations on automatically rolling damage. &nbsp;However the sheet is configured, the Token Action ability will work properly. NPC Actions are now created. &nbsp;Anything in the Actions section of the NPC sheet will automatically get created. The token actions are enabled automatically now. &nbsp;If this behavior is not desired, there is a configuration on line seven of the script that will allow you to disable the created token actions, simply change&nbsp;showAsTokenAction = true, to&nbsp;showAsTokenAction = false,. If there are any additional features that people would like to see in this script, please let me know. Directions: This is a simple script that takes anything defined in the "Attacks & Spellcasting" section on the 5th Edition OGL sheet for PC, or the Actions section for NPC: and automatically makes a character ability macro, allowing it to be selected as a token action from the Abilities & Attributes tab of the character journal: Simply select the token that represents the character and type "!ta" from the chat box, then open the character journal and switch to the Abilities & Attributes tab and select the abilities that you want shown as token actions: The script is located here: <a href="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/beeke01/TokenAct" rel="nofollow">https://raw.githubusercontent.com/beeke01/TokenAct</a>...
The Aaron
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Great, thank you!
Any hopes of this working with the new shaped ;3;?
Saevar L. "Liquid-Sonic" said: Any hopes of this working with the new shaped ;3;? It's in the works, I hope to release something in conjunction with the first public release of the shaped sheet.