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Tabletop Audio Recent Tracks

(This isn't necessarily a bug but it's also not really a Suggestion/Idea so thought this would be the best place to put it) The Tabletop Audio integration is great. Easy, fast and massively increases the ambience with this great music. However, and maybe I'm missing something, Tabletop Audio continues to put out more and more tracks each month and yet I can't find many of the most recent things in Roll20. Thinks like "Dungeon II: Mechanical" or "Winter Festival" don't appear under the "Fantasy" or "Historical" options respectively. Is this by design? Is there only a subset of his works on Roll20? Or a delay in getting them on there?
Hey James. I've found you're usually best scouting out the tracks you like specifically on Soundcloud, then entering exactly what you found. Works for me. I'm actually currently the ZM (Zombie Master) in our build from the ground up game "Deadnet" - Myself and a colleague of mine create all the art and music.&nbsp;If you're looking for something a bit different for your games, including piano tracks - atmospheric, battle tracks with a gritty feel etc then check out my work on soundcloud. I'm all about the epic feels: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> It's not ear bleeding material - I've been making music for a while. If you are looking for it on roll 20, go to all music and search Deadnet, you will be sure to find my music. You might even be surprised! Hope you enjoy.
I'd like to know that too, anybody knows ?
Alex C.
Marketplace Creator
I ran into the same problem, but then I realized that he's released them under a CC license and has each track available for download. So, download the track you want that isn't showing up, upload it to your Soundcloud account, and then search for it in the Jukebox. Problem solved!
nice, thanks !

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Yeah, I'll second the request to keep current with Tabletop Audio's latest tracks. He's always adding new material and it's always top notch. I could really use Sewers for my campaign. I'll do the download from TTA upload to SC workaround, but the built-in integration is the best option for my money. Thank you!
We'll get those new tracks uploaded, sorry for the delay. Should happen early next week.