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D&D3.5 DM seeking players / Long term / Weekly / Newbies welcome


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Hello Im looking for D&D 3.5 interested players who`s in for a weekly long term basis. Here a the conditions to participate: -The more players i`m receiving , the more groups im making (groups of 3 to 5) -First group starts Saturdays 8hpm EST&nbsp; ( weekly , 1 week out of 2 availlability acceptable) -Second group&nbsp; starts Saturdays at 1hPM EST (weekly or 1 week out of 2 acceptable) -Ability to respectfully socially interact with strangers that are your companions -A mic -To be dedicated to this sort of interest. -To either speak french or english -18+ Mature content You can mail me if your interested or send me a steam friend invite, here is my steam profile for easy communication : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 1st come, 1st served...&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cid -GM
Goat Games
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I would be interessed but i can't play on weekend all weeks since i work somewere with variable schedules. Any week days however would be good but if you need to play in weekends i'l pass If you accept me anyway i am French Canadian but i can speak well in english.

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I am tentatively interested, depending on character creation rules and setting details. As an American I speak only English, but I speak it very well! Edit: Cedric D. said: About creation rules details... well i wont leave the scenario but heres how you start: -Lvl1 Naked , no gold no items Never mind.
Hi guys, languages aint a problem as long as you speak one of the 2, the more players i get, the more groups i intend to make and more schedules can be had because of this. So do buzz me on steam i might be able to work something cuz so far, i ave 4 players, at 6... ima divise the group in 2 teams, at 9, ima divise in 3 teams etc, each team with a different schedule possibly the week too... About creation rules details... well i wont leave the scenario but heres how you start: -Lvl1 Naked , no gold no items -Human with extraordinary subtype is forced -No pathfinder rules, items, spells, nada -Pure D&D 3.5 rules, with couple of personal homebrew tweaks... such as a reputation system and lil stuff like that.

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I am also interested, depending on the schedule. I added you on Steam in case you wonder. I can meet the other requirements.
All right ! at the paste its going ill ave to work a&nbsp; schedule for the new group. Keep on sending your interest, im working something up for every new entry :) !
Keep sending me your interest , as long as you meet the requierements , i stll take people in
Interested in joining the 2nd group.
Hey guys, the game is starting in 4h from now,&nbsp; i can ave anyther player for tonight if you notice me as fast as you can on steam.
Would you be willing to accept evil necromancer characters in the group as long as they are willing to work with the party and are not evil stupid? I'm also new to 3.5 and would be willing to learn. I have Steam and Skype so I can be ready to go ASAP
Interesting but you do ave to create your character with me, buzz me on steam, ill see how we can work this out