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Why is it taken Roll20 so long to add a new Character sheet?

I am wondering why Roll20 still haven't added the option to use the 5e Shaped version 2 sheet with OGL support. - Reading the forum it seems like the sheet itself was ready for this 4 days ago:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... - Looking around the Roll20 forum I see very few topics getting anywhere near the number of replies/views than this topic the last 3 weeks. - I assume the decision to allow this sheet to be a new sheet has already been made. &nbsp;I base assumption on Kryx's post above as well as this post a week ago:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... When the decision to push this to a new sheet has been made, the developer of the sheet think it is ready and it is a hot topic on the forum why is this process taking so long? This seems like something that should take 2 minutes to set up.&nbsp; Ps. Instead of an official reply here I would just prefer the new sheet entry to be added. This thread is written out of frustration of why this is taking so long, when I honestly see no reason for that.
So now it is 6 days ago since the sheet was ready for release. Still not possible to select the new sheet and still no word why. I don't understand this... :(
Being new, im not sure how sheet releases are handle, but based on the forum updates, it seems to be a lot of work, and done mainly by ?volunteer? vs. a paid position? &nbsp;So I'm willing to wait given I don't think it's a paid service. How has it worked in the past?
Creating the sheet seems like a lot of work sure. And I know Kryx (not a Roll20 employee) put in a lot of effort here in his own sparetime. But he has a product ready for release now, and has had that for almost a week by now. What is missing as I see it is that you in the roll20 interface can select this sheet as a new sheet - that require a Roll20 staff to do something. This something apparently takes 6+ days - I just can't figure out why, which really frustrates me.
It's either an oversight, or there's a very good reason. &nbsp;Time will tell, but I'm willing to assume the latter, and sure it'll be taken care of.
It has been merge on the github, so they have done something with it.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
We review all the sheets at once. If we did each pull request as it came in, we would literally not get anything else done. We do this review once per week (for the most part). It just happened that Kryx submitted his pull request right after we had already done the pass for last week. We did the pass for this week, and now it's done. Gediablo said: This seems like something that should take 2 minutes to set up.&nbsp; I'm honestly not going to go into a giant debate on this, but while the sheet authors are certainly putting in large amounts of time on their sheets and that's something that the whole community benefits from, if you really think that our end of the process only takes 2 minutes, you are mistaken.
Since the OP is resolved, I am closing this thread - if you have any new issues with the sheet head to the most recent&nbsp; [5e Shaped] thread.