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LF 1-3 more for 3.5 DnD homebrew starting level 13 going into epic level.

As the title says. Starting level is 13 meeting weekly Wed nights 6:30-11 at gmt +9 (or i think that's where i am, pacific standard time USA). Epic cap is open, urban mostly campaign. Players will be newly recruited members of a house engaged in a cold and secretive war for complete control of Garrison City.
if your in the usa then it wont be +9. but still im interested, probs play a justicar or some other law enforcer type character
I'd like to join in, what alignment are we trying to follow
I might be interested, haven't played 3.5 in a long time.
I want in also :=)
I think this is enough people to start a campaign room
I might have jumped the gun a bit but heres my character sheet and my cohorts sheet. Jules Baker (me): <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> John H. Finch (cohort): <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I would be interested if someone could pinpoint time we would be playing, Im on east coast of U.S. Also a little unclear of genre we are playing, could you elaborate a little please?
Ok so I think im -9 gmt, west coast usa, 3 hours behind east coast usa. For those listed above contact me via skype my name on there is Arseniobatiste. add me for more info
are we still on this week?
Hey I was just wondering if there was any space left?? <<BIG fan of 3.5!