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Interest Check: Final Fantasy RPG 4th Edition [Online][GMT-3]

Greetings! I'm the creator of a fan made tabletop Final Fantasy game (you may find the corebook at the <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> link and find character sheets, other books and discuss the game at the <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> link). Yesterday (Feb 29th) I published a revised corebook and to celebrate that, I would like to GM a campaign here in Roll20. How? Roll20 (maybe with Skype, maybe text-based. I'm leaning towards text-based for now,) When? Weekly or bi-weekly, sessions starting around 6 to 10 pm GMT. Game schedule will factor player input: we'll arrange the gaming based on player avaiability. Where? Final Fantasy VI's setting, taking place 50 years after the Day of Kefka. More details about the setting will be fleshed out during character creation. Who? 4 to 6 players What to expect?&nbsp; Zero-to-hero adventure with maybe some world-saving at the end. Character-driven plot due to Trait mechanics. Sessions will vary between roleplay-focused and dungeon-focused (combat + exploration). Is there enough interest here so we can start the game? Also please state your preferred day. I could play at any weekday, but we'll need to find a schedule that is good for all players.
Would you let new players join?
Absolutely yes. Everyone was a newbie someday.&nbsp;
I would be interested in playing if the game is voice based.