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TRAVELLER 5th-edition dice-rolls


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Pierre S.
I want to figure out how to program macros for the Traveller 5th-ed. rolling mechanics. 1)  TRAVELLER adds together a character's Assets (Characteristic, Skill Level and mods) and you must roll at or under this number with 1 - 10 D6 to succeed.  The number of dice depends on the difficulty of a task. Rolling at or under is a Success. Rolling higher is a Failure. If you roll 3 1's, it's a Spectacular Success (not possible with only 1 or 2 dice). If you roll 3 6's, it's a Spectacular Failure (not possible with only 1 or 2 dice). If you roll both 3 1's and 3 6's, it's Spectacularly Interesting (only possible with from 6 - 10 dice). How would I program the macro to roll and announce these results? 2)  TRAVELLER also makes use of Flux rolls: rolling 2 dice for random variations (1d6-1d6, or 2d6-7) which can give results from +5 to -5.  I've figured that out, but there is also Good Flux (ensure a positive result by subtracting the smaller die from the larger one; result is zero if dice are the same) or Bad Flux (ensure a negative result by subtracting the larger die from the smaller die; result is 0 if dice are the same.)  How would I program Good Flux and Bad Flux as macros?  There doesn't seem to be a math operation to take the absolute value of a Flux roll.
1) I'm 99.8% sure you can't do that with macros. You can do it with the API obviously, but that's a bit more complicated. 2) Again, the API can do that, but you can /roll 1d6-1d6 and just treat a negative result as positive and the other way around. Otherwise not possible with just macros. Actually just thinking something, it should be possible to get at least the 2nd one with Rollable tables. You'll have to program the table yourself with the possible results and give it a weight. Out of 36 different possibilities (for 1d6-1d6) exactly 6 are resulting in a 0 for example when both are the same. So you'd give the 0 a weight of 6, and so on. 2d6-7 would need a different table. Then you make the same table again with opposite sign for the bad flux.