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Critical Hits and In-Line Rolling


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Mr G
KS Backer
We love in-line rolling, we really do. However, the only area in which my group thinks it falls short is in the matter of criticals. We use a 2d6 system in which a double 1 is a critical failure and a double 6 is a critical success. We love 2d6, you get a bell curve for free and the crits are 1 in 36 rather than 1 in 20. Nice. So, although we love in-line rolling for the space saving we always have to hover over the result to see whether it was a critical or not. The current system does the red outline if either of the dice was 1 or a green outine if either was a 6.  That's a long way of asking is there any method of customising what a critical is? So that, for example, we only get the red outline if all the dice return a 1? Cheers, Mr G.

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Forum Champion
Not at this time. However, a number of people have suggested more options for critical hits.  The API may be able to do what you want though. I would ask the API forum.  Edit: You may want to try: [[1d6]]+[[1d6]] and sum the dice up in your head. :) - Gauss

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Mr G
KS Backer
Thanks, Gauss I quite like the "in the meantime" option. After all, if you were face-to-face at a table you'd have to add the numbers up in your head. It does make the use of input variables somewhat redundant though, e.g. our HTH attack macro would become... HTH Attack: [[1d6]] + [[1d6]] + @{Level Bonus} + @{Strength Bonus} + ?{Combat Pips Used} + ?{Weapon Bonus} The last two variables are a bit pointless then, because you type them in only to have them presented back to you. Still, I do like the "in the meantime" option while also looking forward to some extra options for crits and fumbles (bearing in mind that in things like Champions [3d6] and percentile systems, it's the low numbers are the critical successes). Cheers, Mr G.
Ok, since you only roll 2d6 and a double 1 is a failure there's sort of a way... well unfortunately it will not really work with the queries (or you get asked twice or three times about them which is confusing) Anyway here's the idea. Double 1 is 2 and it's the only way 2d6 can result in a 2. Same for double 6s and 12. So macro would be this. I'll leave out the two queries for Pips and Bonus, as I said those unfortunately don't work yet like that: HTH Attack: [[1d6 + 1d6 + @{Level Bonus} + @{Strength Bonus}]] (fail: [[2 + @{Level Bonus} + @{Strength Bonus}]], crit: [[12 + @{Level Bonus} + @{Strength Bonus}]]) It will write something like: HTH Attack: [7] (fail: [5], crit: [15]) However as I said, you'll have to add the the bonus and pips manually. (no clue what those are and how often they're used, so that might be annoying too) You could of course write yourself a API script, that somehow does that work for you.
Hi Quatar That's a good bit of lateral thinking there - many thanks.As you say, the Roll Queries would be very annoying and best left out altogether (but, hey, we couldn't do Roll Queries until a couple of weeks ago anyway and we managed all that time without) Alas, if I could code an API in COBOL I would indeed have a go at it. I'm afraid it's been 20 years since I did any coding so this "new fangled" object oriented stuff is beyond me   :-)

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Forum Champion
Mr G. , If you have modifiers just attach the modifiers to one of the dice.  [[1d6+@{Level Bonus} + @{Strength Bonus} + ?{Combat Pips Used} + ?{Weapon Bonus}]]+[[1d6]] Now you still have only two numbers to add together and you will still see either two red or two green. - Gauss
Gauss, that is absolute genius. Thank you!!