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Just a thanks to Roll20 for Daylight Saving conversions

I run two games, and just noticed that Roll20 automatically adjusts the listing's time according to the Daylight Saving time that will be in effect when the session is to be played. (i.e. the game I run today lists the time as 11am Standard, and the other game that I run has its upcoming session listed as 11am Daylight Saving Standard.) That makes it much easier for everyone to know when they need to be around for the session, especially given that some places in the world don't implement Daylight Saving, and that other places implement it on different days of the year from each other.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
You're welcome! :-)
A small point, but, as many of my players are not in the U.S. i always note my time as 10:30 PM EDT(GMT-4).