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GM need a 3.5th player by tonight for weekly games

Hello, i ave a long term weekly game starting tonight saturday at 8hpm Est I would need 1 or 2 more steady players for it Here are the prerequise: -Ability to respectfully socially interact with strangers that are your companions -A mic -To be dedicated to this sort of interest. -To either speak french or english -18+ Mature content Level 1 to 20+ , long term game , weekly , need to be a human Heres the scenario: -The 6 Crystals: The Observer, a god that sees all but cannots interact needs you ! YOU, behind the character. he comes in 2016 from behind your computer to transport you in the world of D&D for is service with promise of great powers and wealth . (The starting plane is Faerun) You can mail me if your interested or send me a steam friend invite, here is my steam profile for easy communication : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Hello I added you on steam I am intersrted in this :)
Great, make sure to introduce yourself on steam chat, i should respond quickly
I may also be interested and do use steam as well. I sent you a PM requesting more details if possible.
well say communication blocked... can you send me another invite please?
hello , theres still 1h30 hour before tonights game starts and i ave room . make sure to send me a fr request on steam quickly to set you up