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LFP 2 more players: Adventures in 2E AD&D Monday afternoons USA, evening hours in UK times


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LFP 2 Creative Players to join AD&D 2E Adventures. We play weekly on MONDAY (sometimes switch to Tuesday), start time is 2:05 PM CST.  This is in the afternoon USA times,  Weeknight evening hours UK time zones.  You can play and make your character literally TODAY if you reply here fast enough. Post a reply telling why you want to play AD&D 2E. Choose any available class & kit (subject to DM approval). You don't need to choose a certain class to balance the party. We have a wide variety available. If you want to bring a different skillset to the group, we are especially looking for a new Specialty Priest PC (any Forgotten Realms or Legends & Lore pantheons), or Druid , or  Bard , any kind of Specialist Mage such as Transmuter or Invoker . We also have some extra playable species available from The Complete Book Of Humanoids , if you always wanted to play a Pixie or a Gnoll , this is your chance. Another Elf or Halfling or Human would also be great in this group. The party right now has: Dwarf Warrior Human Cavalier Minotaur Ranger Elf Mage-Witch Gnome Rogue _______ OPENING FOR YOU _______ OPENING FOR ONE MORE High Magic campaign, epic fantasy! Exploring + battles + Roleplaying. * High Magic setting, fair amount of magic items around, special allowances for Mages-Wizards and Priests-Clerics ! * Epic Fantasy. Global scale heroes. * Low mechanics. Reduced rules. Simplified combat. * Some elements may be considered gonzo gaming, psychedelic, supernatural, or unexplained. * Parts of the gameplay will be theater of the mind, using imagination. * Parts of the game will be story-game, narrative, description, parts will be active role-playing. * We may incorporate media, writing, music & illustrations. * Characters flaws and weaknesses are part of the RP. * Alignment is downplayed but player-characters are meant to be played good or neutral, while some of the possible NPC opponents are evil. * Includes classic adventure modules along with homebrew adventures & open world exploration. Gameplay consisting of: 1/3 Combat + Tactics + Strategy. ** Emphasis on player ideas NOT splat-crunch-rules. 1/3 Role-Playing + Character Development + General Banter ** (Have fun, express your character, make new friends),  1/3 Story, Plot, Mystery, Travel, Exploration. ** (Full size globe overland map with untold dungeons). Our goal together is to create an epic storyline and saga of the player-characters in the world, with some character development, personality, motives. Your goal is to fight evil, save the people, defeat monsters and win treasure, gather as much gold as you can possibly carry, spend it on upgrades and good deeds, level up and go back for more. The best player for this is someone who wants to: Be creative, engaged, productive, persistent, patient, flexible, kind, open minded, good natured. And wants to play AD&D 2E with the style and flavor described in this message. Sound good? Reply and tell why you want to play AD&D 2E in this. Thanks for looking.
I have been a player in this game for over a year and it never fails to satisfy.  Gold is an innovative DM, quick on his feet when players do the unexpected (IE: act like players), and he is not even slightly adversarial.  This is a game that one can relax into rather than being keyed up over.  The DM is NOT out to get you. Our current players include a couple of professional writers and artists.  Some players have kids and mortgages, and all that good stuff... the vibe is generally best for players over 30 who are a bit worldly, and cool with all sorts of people from different walks of real life.  Narrative action rocks the game: "I'll take four stomping running steps towards him, leap up to kick off the wall next to him, and clip him in the head with the backswing of the maul" happened last session.  Sure beats, "I rolled a 24. Does that hit?"
I sent a message to dm about 8 minutes ago, awaiting reply...
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Replied, you're in, David . I liked your reasons and bio in the message. Thanks for the review, Larry (one of the players in the game). Still open for at least 1 more.

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Damn this sounds awesome but alas I'm in Sydney, Australia and that time is 6am here.. :( My brain most likely wouldn't function that early lol if the time ever changes please let me know..
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Awww, would've been great to invite you in, Andz . Reach out to Dion in this post link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... The are Australian and want to play AD&D 2E game like this.
Gold said: Awww, would've been great to invite you in, Andz . Reach out to Dion in this post link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... The are Australian and want to play AD&D 2E game like this. Thanks for the link.. if if your game changes time even slightly later let me know.. Sounds awesome!
Hello fellow adventurers (and DM's)! Some info about myself: I live in sweden studing natural sience (math, chemistry, biologi, fysiks (sorry for spelling)). Im currently 18 years old have been playing games since I like 8 start whit tabletop rpg's a litte more then a year ago and I feel in love whit it! NEVER been part of a AD&D only camping but i've been in one that used homebrew rules that contained alot from those rules. You can contact me here or: Skype: erik.broman123 pic= Sunset Curse: Raptorion pic= Fenrirulven

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Replied to everyone above, and sent out invites to join. We will probably take 2 to 4 new PC's joining for the campaign long-term.&nbsp;Everyone that I'm inviting to try-out can make a PC and play next week, meet our group, and see how we fit together. Still open for more up to 2-3 more applicants at this time. Post a message if you want to play AD&D 2E on Mondays for an epic high fantasy campaign. The time of this message is matching the time we play the game on Mondays. Here's hoping there are people online right now looking at the LFG forum because you would be open to playing at this time of day.

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It's game day! We are playing today (2 PM Central Time, afternoon in the USA, this is evening hours in the UK). Some of the Players from the thread, above, are making new characters today. I think that we have enough Player applicants now, but I will still consider more if you are a good fit.&nbsp; We'll give you a chance to join the game table,&nbsp; make a character of whatever type you really want to play,&nbsp; and meet the group if you are able to play on our scheduled time today. The party is in a tavern in a fantasy town right now anyway.&nbsp; We are excited to roleplay with a variety of tavern go'ers and see who has the true spirit of an Adventurer? Post here if you want to play AD&D 2nd Edition on Mondays or Tuesdays as described from the 1st post of this thread. We might spin-off a second game-day, with a new campaign taking place in the same world. Or, some of the extra players may be offered roles as important NPC's in the homebrew world setting. At the very least, those who expressed interest here & come to meet the group, would be next in priority for a PC spot when one opens up next.

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Closed! We got enough new player applicants for now. Thank you all, and welcome to the game! Anyone else who responds now, I will save your name on a waiting list, in case any players drop out later. &nbsp;So you can still reply or send me a message if you were interested in this LFG.