So for the past few days I have been going nuts trying to work this out and have run in to the wall. What I am trying to achieve is to have two select fields, when an option is selected on the first field, the second populates with different option dependent on the value of the first field.  I know this can be done, but I am stumped. Here is some form of example of the HTML, I have tried script workers but I am very novice with the JS and I am sure there is a simpe way of doing this probably with CSS to hide the variable options.  Please some sorcerer (or wizard I am not bias) please help me find a solution. (feel free to laugh at my shitty code) <select class='first'> <option value='1'>one</option> <option value='2'>two</option> </select> <select class='second'> <!--populate these options--> </select> <script type='text/worker'> on(["change:first], function(){ getAttrs['first'], function (value){ if('value.first' == '1'), function (switch){ switch('value.second' == 'newOption1'), function(){ else if('value.first' == '2'), function (){ switch('value.second' == newOption2') }); }); }); });