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Full Auto Macro & Damage, Help

I'd like to create a Full Auto macro with a selected token macor pulling Shooting data from the Attribute Tab of the Character Sheet. The way this works at the table top is fairly simple. Roll a number of Shooting Dice equal to the weapon's Rate of Fire (maximum 3) and 1d6! die with a modifier for recoil (-2) or other cumulative penalties to the shot. Check the roll against a TN of 4 and count the number of Successes (4s) and Raises (8s). Then, the macro needs to roll damage a number of times equal to Success from the previous rolls up to a maximum of three times, with variables open for damage input (/r ?{How Many Weapon Die|2}d?{Die Type|6}! ?{Mod|+0}) and roll +1d6! per Raise up to a maximum of three.  I'd like to just call a macro that makes the roll... counts successes and raises... and automatically rolls the appropriate damage against a Target Token.  Is this even possible? I'm a total noob with API capabilities. Any help or input is greatly appreciated, even if it means I can accomplish this with simple macros instead of a script.
Not possible with macros, but certainly doable with an api script.