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[TIP] Using Dynamic Lighting to create 3D effects.

Here is a little trick that I came across to give maps a bit of a 3D effect using the dynamic lighting tool. Its really simple, all you do is take a map object like a table or something and draw a dynamic lighting occlusion box around it, you then give the table an Emits light value at 1/0. Now you get a lovely shadow effect. Wooo! :)

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While it looks like a shadow to you (the GM) it will look like a black area to the players. You can see how your players would see it by turning the FoW/DL opacity up to maximum (in your page settings). Alternately, you can switch to player mode and see the map the way the players would. I suggest assigning yourself a token first. :) - Gauss
You're absolutely right. I did notice that just after posting. As a side note then a very nice feature would be an occlusion % when drawing. 50% reduces light by that much. Giving shadows! Thanks for the reply!
It can still be useful when you want something to block LOS but be visible itself. Like a house. Can't see what's behind the house obviously, but you'd see it's a house. With the current DL you just see blackness when the house starts. Yet if there are a lot of those things it might mean a lot of micromanaging lightsources. Hm, wonder if that can be done with an API script. Will have to get on that when I have time.
Quatar. To prevent that, you can just add a token to the DL layer within the house (it's a pain, I know). For API scripting, it would be possible (rather easily) if we had access to creating tokens and vectors within the interface. However for the time being, it's not feasable.
I know I can set a light emiting token into the house, which is what I meant with my first sentence. However it's a lot of micromanaging to switch them on and off as the party walks by various houses. An API could look out for various tokens placed into those houses, calculate distance to each of the PC tokens, and if a PC token is close enough (within the range of that PC token's light radius) add that one to the light-token's "controlled by" list, and if they get out of range agian, it deletes them. It's not really intuitive to set up either and rather specific, so not sure it's really worth the trouble.