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LF 1 Mature Player to join D&D 5e Group Playing Wednesdays at 7PM GMT Weekly

Hi, I run a 5e game set in Forgotten Realms which is homebrewed plot. The party consists of 4 players who are, like myself, all mature (Past 30 yrs old or more). We have been playing for some months and have only missed, I think, one week due to unavailability. We are currently looking for a 5th player as we intend to start another game to run alongside the one I currently DM. This is partly because one of the four players has had to go away with work for 3 weeks, and I prefer to keep the party together and not run sessions without players, and partly because periodic breaks from my campaign allow me to lay the plot bricks ahead of the party without the necessity to have everything linearly planned out. Roll20, and the lovely maps that are possible, unfortunately don't lend themselves to true sandbox without the DM working the game like a fulltime job, or adopting the theatre of the mind approach, but we have a happy medium where they players do discuss and plan their intentions, and steer the plot on an ongoing basis, which allows me to build the plot ahead of them for the next few sessions. Its not as freeform as sandbox but its far less linear than a module. Rather than having gaps when i'm working on the campaign we have decided its best that we run two campaigns so our weekly D&D itch is always scratched. So in essense this is two games which will be interchangable within the Wednesday 7pm timeslot. My campaign "Out Of Almraiven" (Almraiven being a city in Calimshan) is set at the end of the current FR timeline. The campaign has a slightly nautical theme to it as the PCs started out as deckhands on a ship bound for a remote town. I won't go into things too much, as it will take a long time, but they have just dinged level 5 and have managed to obtain a pirate sloop. They have decided to keep it, have secured a makeshift crew and are currently deciding where they would like to go when the game resumes based on their own personal motivations and plot/rumours/hooks they are aware of. They will let me know their intentions in the next few days and I will build accordingly. The second campaign, which will be starting this Wednesday, is called Albion, Caught In The Black Web. It is a game set in a fictional version of the UK. Here is the discription... "Generations ago, during the time of the end of the Third Fomorian War, a party of adventurers unleashed the horror of the Black Web upon the world of Albion, growing insidiously like a cancer. Many of the most powerful wizards, priests and warriors have gone off to combat the Webs, never to be seen again. Now, a party of adventurers gather together to aid a Druid whose Sacred Grove is being taken over by the Webs. And so it begins...." So in essense, we are looking for a mature player, who is reliable, easy-going and doesn't mind the fact that they are in essence signing up for two games that will, effectively, alternate periodically. Both campaigns are long term; not short jaunts. If you are interested then send me a message telling me who you are and why you are a good fit. You don't have to be a voice actor, but we'd prefer someone who is willing to talk, tries to roleplay a bit, and isn't too much of a min/max metagamer. None of us are experts by any stretch but we do try and ensure we have fun and tell a good story; which hopefully comes from the players as much as the DM. Thanks, Rob
Hi, I would like to apply. Well first let me tell a bit about myself. I am Tjarco (pretty much prenounce it as Charcoal but without the 'l') I am 26 years old. (So a bit younger then what you are looking for). I am from the Netherlands. The timeslot that you have is pretty much perfect for me and your campaigns sound really interesting. I do have to point out that if you were to let me join I would not be able to join in wednesday 27th of April since that is a national holiday in the Netherlands that I spent with friends and family. English is not my native tongue but I think I can speak it fairly well. I tend to havea bit of obvious kind of humor. Often people sigh at my jokes but always for good laughs. Allso I like a joke now and then but in my opinion it shouldnt interrupt the game. Jokes in character are always the best though ^^ I'm not really about optimizing. I do however try to make my character strong but i'm not going to overcomplicate things to do so. Mostly I just get an idea I look it up. Ask the DM if i'm allowed to do it and then go that way. (Optimizing is way too much work for me). About my experience as a Role Player: (not alot yet) I am DM'ing a D&D 5e campaign at the moment with some friends in real life.(for about half a year now) I don't have much roleplay experience as a player but as a DM I always try to roleplay each NPC they come across (for a lively campaign) so I got used to it by now. Don't have any experience with the Roll20 system yet so I might need to figure that out a bit, but I catch on rather quickly with these sorts of things. Technical issues: I have a Microphone and webcam build into my lapop. I allso own a headset which probably has a better mic. and removes the echo. If it doesn't meet the standards I can always purchase something better. Characters: I like playing a large variëty of characters. At the moment I would really love to play a dextrous barbarian. (Stout Halfing) and Multiclass to Rogue (In the end it would be like 5lvls of barbarian and 15 lvls of rogue if we ever get that far.) This is only if you are allowing multiclassing. For the other campaign I would love to play a sorceror haven't really thought about the details for this one though. Of course if you prefer I pick something else I don't mind doing so. Well I hope this is all the info you need. Kind regards, Tjarco
Hello id like to apply. My name is Elias and i live in Sweden, when it comes to D&D i enjoy a good mix of roleplaying and combat and i tend to stick more to the comedy side of roleplaying, i enjoy playing characters that are awkward in a comical sort of way. I have a mic and could probably get access to a camera if needed. I personally prefer melee classes but im fine with playing whatever the DM or party appoints me to play.